Question by Ryan: How much is a 1880, 1884, (o) and 1890 morgan silver dollar coin in good condition worth?

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Answer by curtisports2
The grade of Good is actually a low grade. I'm guessing you have no idea what the grades actually are. Grade determines value.

A Good 1880 - P is selling for $ 18-$ 25, in the range where the value of the silver falls. Grades up to Extra Fine aren't selling for more than a few dollars more, maybe $ 30, tops. It's not until you get into the Mint State grades that the values get up around $ 40, and they climb at each grade level.

The same is true for the 1884 - O, until you reach MS64 and higher, and they aren't worth as much as the 1880 - P because more of them survived in great shape.

The 1890 - P is very rare in grades MS65 and higher. But from MS64 and down, they're worth about the same as the 1880 - P.

So, if your coins show much wear, you're looking at, really, the silver value plus a small premium, maybe $ 75-$ 90.

If they're uncirculated with nice, white luster, a minimum of $ 120 for all three, and how much more, only an accurate grading will say.

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