How rare are morgan silver dollars?

Question by Mitchell: How rare are morgan silver dollars?
mine specifically is an 1883 with no mint mark.

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Answer by TheHowToHobbyist
Almost every coin shop has them so they are not very rare. Assuming your coin is in good-fine condition it is worth around $ 30.

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  1. curtisports2 says:

    Some are rare, most are not. Any decent coin guide book will have mintage figures for each date/mint, along with values.

    Yours is very common, and in the ‘good/fine’ condition the other person mentioned, is a ‘junk’ coin to a dealer. Not junk as in worthless, but worth only the silver minus the discount a dealer needs to turn a profit. You’d be offered $ 14- $ 15 at current silver price. An uncirculated coin is worth a minimum of $ 30 today

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