Question by rahat_rahman06: How much is a 1883 Silver Morgan Dollar Worth (Slabbed)?
Its been graded and slabbed but I got it from someone and i dont know the grade.

How much would it be worth? Ive heard many random prices ranging from $ 15 to thousands.

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Answer by redlemon65
It may have been graded but it doesn't so indicate it. The pictures both show the reverse of the coin and not of the front which is needed. It is not slabbed but has been put into a plastic holder. A slabbed coin would be in a sealed plastic holder that would show the name of the grading company, type of coin, date minted, mint if so marked and the grade of the coin and any special notes, if needbe. That would more closely give us the needed information but again I say - don't buy the holder but buy the coin....

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